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    Q. Specifically, what is the library asking for?
    A. In the November 4th general election the library will be asking the citizens within its service district to consider a .8 mill 5-year renewal levy to support the day to day operations of WCDPL.
    Renewal = not a new tax. The levy will collect the same amount of funds as it does now.
    Q. Am I in the library’s service district?
    A.  WCDPL  is a county district library, a designation set by the Ohio Revised Code. The library’s service area includes Bowling Green and the school districts within Wood County currently not being serviced by another library. Those school districts are:
    • Bowling Green City
    • Lake Local
    • Northwood Local
    • Lakota Local
    • Patrick Henry Local
    • McComb
    • Gibsonburg Exempted Village
    • Anthony Wayne Local
    • Fostoria City (outside Fostoria city limits)
    • and Perrysburg Exempted Village (outside Perrysburg city limits).
    If you reside in the Wood County portion of one of these school districts, you are in WCDPL’s service district.
    Q. What will the levy cost me?
    A.  The levy will cost  the owner of a $100,000 home about 7 cents per day or about $24.50 per year–that’s about the cost of one hardback book or two large pizzas.
    Q. Doesn’t the library already have a local levy? Didn’t I already vote on a levy for WCDPL?
    A. 2010 was the first time in WCDPL’s 135 year history that the library has asked for local funding for day to day operations.  In 2001, a bond issue was passed to renovate and expand the Bowling Green building. Funds from the bond issue could only be used for building purposes, not day to day operating expenses.
    Q. Why is  a levy necessary for WCDPL?
    A. Library uses continue to rise, but funding continues to drop. In 2007 the PLF funded Ohio’s public libraries with 2.22% of the state’s General Revenue Fund. In 2008 and early 2009 as the economy retracted funding to libraries decreased by 20%. In July, 2009 the new Ohio budget called for an additional cut of 11%. Thus, the library’s primary source of funding decreased by about 33%. Currently, state funding for libraries remains down 31% and continues to decrease. 2014 funding is at 1996 levels.
    Q. How much of the library’s funding comes from the State of Ohio?
WCDPL receives 53% of its revenue from the State of Ohio through the Public Library Fund (PLF). The remainder of funding is from the 2010 levy (42%) and from donations, investments, fees, and fines (5%).