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    Why a Levy?

    The library is doing well, thanks to your support in 2010.

    • In 2010, WCDPL, for the first time in its 135-year history, asked for local funding for day-to-day operating expenses. Library users showed their support for WCDPL by passing this levy. Thanks to the levy, hours which had been cut and the budget for book purchases were restored. Funding provided by the 2010 levy also allows the library to provide the services demanded by users.
    • State funding for Ohio’s library is at 1996 levels; levy funds account for 42% of the library’s operating budget.
    • Passage of a renewal levy this November,2014, will allow WCDPL to keep services, hours, and materials  restored with the passage of the 2010 levy and to continue meeting the needs of our community.
    • Renewal = not a new tax. The levy will collect the same amount as it does now.