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    Frequently Asked Question

    Friday, October 31, 2014 @ 02:10 PM

    Wood County District Public Library, Pemberville Public Library, and Wayne Public Library all have levies on the ballot next week. Will I be taxed multiple times if  all 3 libraries’ levy issue passes?

    No. You will not pay multiple taxes. Wood County is the home to 8 separate public libraries, each serving a specific area–defined in a precise way (school districts) by the Ohio Revised Code. Only voters living in a library’s service area may vote on a library’s ballot issue. And, if that levy passes, only the residents within the library’s service area pay the resulting tax.

    In the cases of Wayne and Pemberville, only those residents in the Elmwood and Eastwood school districts will be asked to vote on their respective library’s levies next week.

    On the other hand, Wood County District Public Library has been designated a county district library by the Ohio Revised Code. Wood County District’s service area includes Bowling Green and the school districts within Wood County currently not being served by another library.

    Those school districts are:
    Bowling Green City
    Lake Local
    Northwood Local
    Lakota Local
    Patrick Henry Local
    Gibsonburg Exempted Village
    Anthony Wayne Local
    Fostoria City (outside Fostoria city limits)
    and Perrysburg Exempted Village (outside Perrysburg city limits).

    If you reside in the Wood County portion of one of these school districts, you are in Wood County District Public Library’s service district and will be able to vote for it next Tuesday.


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